#AskTheBuzz 001: Fishing the Turnover & Finding Walleyes in Fall with James & Al Lindner

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Welcome to our first installment of #AskTheBuzz!

On this episode, Al Lindner and James Lindner answer the following question:

0:55 – How do you fish a lake when the water just turned over?

3:47 – Where do the bait and walleyes typically go when the weeds die in the fall?

7:23 – If you could only use one colour of tube jig for smallmouth bass in clear natural Canadian lakes, what would it be?

9:06 – I’ve heard to always match the color of your trailer to your jig/spinnerbait. Have you had any success with “mixing it up”?

14:38 – I recently saw a picture of James Lindner holding a beautiful salmon he caught on the Humptulips River in Washington State. Could you please tell me what rod setup he was using?

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