#AskTheBuzz 005: Fall Crappies, Keeping Bait Alive & Walleye Electronics with Tom Neustrom

by | Nov 9, 2016 | 0 comments

Welcome to episode #5 of #AskTheBuzz!

On this episode, I sit down with Tom Neustrom and we answer the following question:

0:47 – What is the most efficient way to locate and catch crappies during the fall?
3:53 – Bait is not cheap! I throw my minnows away at the end of the day because they die in city water. What is the best way to keep them fresh and alive legally in MN?
5:25 – When locating walleyes during the fall months with electronics; which Humminbird electronic views do you use and how much time do you need to determine fish are around or elsewhere?
8:38 – What is a good system/process for cleaning a livewell to make sure it is a good environment for your catch?

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