Why You Need to Be Throwing Paddle Tail Swimbaits Right Now

Throwing Paddle Tail Swimbaits Right Now

by | Sep 29, 2016 | 0 comments

It’s pretty rare for one particular presentation or family of baits to be extremely effective for several different species of fish during a given period of the year. One of those situations is throwing paddle tail swimbaits during the fall months. It can be absolutely lights out for smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike and even musky (if you’re lucky), all in the same day!

Paddle tails are known to yield bountiful mixed bags all throughout the year, but this presentation really shines when water temperatures get down to around 60 degrees in fall. Weed beds are a primetime area where fish of several different species like to congregate this time of year, so that’s typically where we’ll start when we’re looking for bites like these.

In one of our past articles, well-known walleye pro Jason Mitchell shared that his favorite presentation for summertime walleye fishing was a paddle tail swimbait. He also commented on it’s ability to kick out impressive mixed bags during the summer months. We’re definitely on board with Jason here, BUT we’re hear to tell all of you that this bite gets even better during the fall months, so don’t cut those swimbaits off your rods just yet, Jason! 😉

Many walleye anglers like to bust out the minnows when water temperatures start to dip in fall, but here’s our advice: Tie on a paddle tail instead and let it rip. You’re going to have a boatload of fun!

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