BRIGHT Jerkbaits, Feathered Treble

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Most of the top anglers will tell you that “color” is one of the last things they consider when they are choosing a lure — focusing on things like action, speed and depth range instead. While we aren’t arguing against that approach, you can’t ignore color altogether because it can make a big difference in certain situations.
Many will preach the use of natural colors and matching the hatch, but you can flip all that on it’s head when you start talking about smallmouth bass. Unnaturally bright and flashy colors will draw curious smallies in from a distance, increasing your strike window and improving your chances of contacting fish. While a subtle, muted color might be preferred on some rare occasions, more often than not, you’re going to benefit from the drawing power of a pink, orange or bright yellow colored jerkbait.
Al Lindner has been one of the biggest advocates of using brightly colored jerkbaits over the years. Another thing he’s a big proponent of is having a feathered treble on the back of your bait. It depends on the mood of the fish, of course, but the feather can absolutely make a noticeable difference many days on the water.
The one-two punch of bright colors to bring them in and a feathered treble to seal the deal is a deadly combination for springtime smallmouth bass.

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