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Filleting Crappies: Step by Step

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Mike Hehner shares his step by step process for filleting crappies with a Bubba Ultra Flex fillet knife.

Filleting Crappies: Step by Step

Crappies are a favorite for many anglers across the country because they taste great and are fun to catch. Filleting crappies is a simply and easy and it begins by choosing the correct knife.

When choosing a knife for filleting crappies and other panfish I prefer a smaller, flexible knife like the Bubba 6″ Ultra Flex. The smaller blade allows for precision cuts maximizing the amount of meat on a fillet.

The 6-inch Bubba Ultra Flex fillet knife comes loaded with extreme flexibility and a ridiculously thin blade making it the perfect knife for bluegills, crappies, and perch.

If I am cleaning a lot of fish (more than 10) then I will make the switch from the 6-inch Ultra Flex to the Bubba Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife because the electric knife will speed up the filleting process.

Step by Step

Start by making a cut behind the gill plate and then run your knife along the backbone of the crappie. Press down as you make this cut and continue it all the way to the tail of the fish.

Work the knife back towards the head of the fish while cutting around the ribs.

Follow that cut through and you will be able to remove that side from the fish.

Flip the fish over and repeat this same process on the other side of the crappie.

Once you have both sides removed you can now skin the fillet.

Start at the tail and run you at a downward facing 45 degree angle. This will ensure you don’t miss part of the crappie fillet.

Once you have completed that you can remove the pin bones, which are located near the center of the fillet just above the rib cage. Make a small cut on both sides of it, to remove the strip of bones.

Once that is completed you’ll have two boneless fillets ready to-go!


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