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Lake Vermilion: 6-15-2023

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Minnesota guide Jason Freed gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Lake Vermilion on June 15th, 2023.

Lake Vermilion: 6-15-2023

Surface water temperatures are hovering in the low seventies depending on where you are at on the lake. The fish are beginning to transition into their summer patterns.

Smallmouth bass are just finishing up the spawn and can be found along the shoreline and shallow rocky reefs in less than eight feet of water.

Topwater baits, ned rigs, tubes, and plastics are a few good ways to catch bass right now. The bass bite is only going to get better as those fish transition into their summer patterns.

Target walleyes on main lake reefs and rocky points. Most fish have been between five and fifteen feet of water. The best way to target the walleyes on the reefs is with a slip bobber and leech or jig paired with a leech. Nightcrawlers have also been working.

A few walleyes can also can be found on the sand flats in sixteen to twenty-two feet of water. Lindy rigging leeches or crawlers is a great way to catch those fish.

Muskies can be found everywhere. Look for fish on main lake points, rock reefs, shallow bays and out in open water in the deeper basins.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing this weekend on Lake Vermillion!

  • Lake Vermilion guide – Jason Freed


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