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AnglingBuzz Show 4: Worlds Best Fishing Lure: Jigs

by | May 24, 2023 | 0 comments

AnglingBuzz Show 4: Worlds Best Fishing Lure: Jigs

In this episode of AnglingBuzz, we’re diving deep into the worlds best fishing lure, the jig! This universal lure can be used to catch just about any fish from freshwater to saltwater. Jigs can be fished anywhere in the water column and are a staple for all anglers. From walleye, trout, bass, panfish, catfish, muskie, pike, you name it, a jig can catch them! To begin the show we’ll join James Lindner as he shares his take on the many uses of jigs and how they can be used to catch a variety of different fish species. Then we’ll join a few seasoned anglers that share some knowledge on different types of jigs, as well as the importance of jig color and weight. Then we’ll cover some new Buzz Bite Reports from Minnesota, Michigan and North Dakota and afterwards we take a look at some must have gear in our Cool Products segment.To finish up the show, we’ll join Jeff Simpson as he shares how to get great walleye fillets with a Bubba electric knife.

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