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Grand Rapids: 5-24-2023

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Jake Wallace gives his latest Buzz Bite Report on the fishing in the Grand Rapids area on May 24th, 2023.

Grand Rapids: 5-24-2023

The fishing has been good in the Grand Rapids area. Water temps have been in the mid fifties to low sixties depending on what lake you are on and what part of the lake you are on.

In the mornings smallmouth bass can be found along the edges of their shallow spawning flats in four to ten feet of water. As the water warms up in the afternoon, they will push up onto the flats.

Jerkbaits and hair jigs have been the two best presentations by far, but you can still catch some nice fish on ned rigs, tubes, small swimbaits and other plastics.

Northern pike can be found in the shallow bays and along the weed edges in twelve feet of water or less. Look for baitfish or small panfish and you can almost guarantee that there will be a few northern pike close by.

Crankbaits, swimbaits, and chatterbaits have been working great.

Grand Rapids

Crappies and bluegills can be found shallow along hard structure like wood, cattails and emerging lily pad beds. Small jigs paired with plastics or hair have been working great.

Typically the bluegills have been sightly deeper than the crappies.

Walleyes can be found along the edges in five to fifteen feet of water. Low light periods or after dark have been best. Jigs paired with minnows, slip bobbers with leeches, or trolling after dark has been the best presentations.

Most of these patterns should continue for the next week or so and the fishing should remain good.

Good luck to any anglers fishing the Grand Rapids area this week or over the long weekend!

  • Jake Wallace

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