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Twin Cities: 5-1-2023

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Minnesota guide Matt Johnson gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Twin Cities area on May 1st, 2023.

Twin Cities: 5-1-2023

It’s been cold and windy this past week in the Twin Cities area, but the crappies have been biting well. We’ve been finding water temps anywhere from forty-two to forty-nine degrees.

We are still finding a lot of crappies in the main lake weeds, but those fish are making they way towards their shallow spawning areas. We are typically finding the crappies deeper earlier in the morning and as the water warms up in the afternoon they have been moving up shallower.

For those fish shallow water fish our best presentation has been a Clam Drop TG jig paired with a plastic or hair jig about four feet under a float.

When targeting those deeper fish a Clam Drop TG Jig paired with a crappie tube or Mister Twister Sassy Stingum has been working great.

We also spent some time over in Wisconsin targeting largemouth bass and had some success slowly retrieving small chatterbaits.  We also got a few fish slow retrieving an All Terrain tackle finesse jigs.

Both presentations will produce fish but the key to both is to have a slow retrieve.

This week looks pretty good weather wise and as it continues to get warmer the crappie fishing is only going to get better.

Good luck to any anglers getting out this week or over the weekend!

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  • Matt Johnson


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