Bubba Hook Extractor

Bubba Hook Extractor

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Bubba Hook Extractor

The Bubba Hook Extractor is the perfect tool for removing deeply sunk or swallowed hooks, all while putting less harm on your catch. Engineered with a high-strength, anodized aluminum shaft and a stainless steel hook, the hook extractor is spring-loaded and equipped with a rounded hook to make it easy to navigate and then grasp and safely remove the sunken hook with a single pull. Available in both a 6-inch and 12-inch models it’s the perfect tool for dealing with toothy fish like muskies, northern pike, walleyes and more!


•Length: 6″ or 12″

•Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

•Iconic Non-Slip Grip

•Titanium-Nitride Coating

•High-Strength Anodized Aluminum

•Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor

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