tip ups for walleyes

Tip Ups for Walleye


Avid angler Caleb Wistad of HookedUpWi gives a few tips on utilizing tip ups for walleyes in shallow weed beds.

Tip Ups for Walleye

When most anglers think of winter walleyes they tend to focus on spots like rock piles, points, and reefs. One of the best and most overlooked spot to target big walleyes, especially after dark, is shallow weed lines and weed beds.

A number of big fish can be found after dark cruising the shallow weed beds looking for perch, bluegills, and other baitfish.

Set lines are a great way to target walleyes, because they allow you to spread out and fish a larger area without having to make a lot of noise and commotion.

Look for scattered standing weeds anywhere from five to ten feet of water. Utilize underwater cameras to locate the bait and then set your tip-ups near the schools.

There are two things you want to do when setting tip ups for walleye in shallow weed beds.

The first is to set your tip-ups about a foot or two above the weed beds. This will allow the walleyes to see your minnow from a distance.

The second thing you’ll want to do is to have a weight about twelve inches away from your minnow. This will help prevent your minnow from ranging out and getting hung up in the weeds.

If you haven’t tired tip ups for shallow water walleye I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s incredible effective and can produce some of the biggest walleyes you will catch all year.

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