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Green Bay Musky Buzz Bite Report 10-3-2022

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Fishing guide Doug Wegner gives his latest Buzz Bite report on the Green Bay musky fishing on October 3rd, 2022.

Green Bay Musky Buzz Bite Report 10-3-2022

The musky fishing is heating up over here on Green Bay. We are in our late summer patterns and casting has been the ticket.

We are moving / catching a lot of fish on blades right now.

We’ve been trying a lot of different styles of styles and sizes of bucktails, but some of the ones that have been working the best have been MuskyFrenzy’s 8/9 stagger, doubles 10’s, doubles 9’s, and IC 9’s.

Make sure to pay attention to the moon phases, because they bite windows have been key.

This casting bite has been going strong for the past couple weeks and should continue to be good for awhile! Make sure to get out here and enjoy it.

Good luck to all the anglers musky fishing out on Green Bay!

  • Doug Wegner




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