drop shot rigging panfish

Drop Shot Rigging Panfish

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Jeremy Smith talks about drop shot rigging panfish and how effective this presentation can be for targeting mid summer bluegills and crappies.

Panfishing in the summertime can be a bit tricky, especially when the fish are out in deeper water. It often requires using small baits and waiting a long time for them to reach the desired depth. However, a highly effective technique can help you catch big bluegills in these situations – the drop shot.

What is Drop Shot Fishing?

Drop shot fishing is a simple and versatile technique that is perfect for beginners or those who are not familiar with fishing. It is a finesse presentation that doesn’t require setting the hook, making it easy to use. The rig may seem a bit complicated at first, but it is quite simple.

The Drop Shot Rig

To set up a drop shot rig, you will need a few basic components: a hook, a line, and a sinker. The hook size and style can vary depending on the target species and the type of bait you plan to use. For example, when fishing for largemouth bass in heavy cover, you may use a larger hook like a 10-inch worm or a creature bait. For walleyes over sandgrass, a neko hook spin shot with leeches is a good choice. In this case, the original spin shot hook is being used for fishing bluegills.

When it comes to sinkers, there are different styles to choose from. The two preferred styles for drop shot fishing are the cylinder style sinker and the teardrop sinker. Both sinkers shown in the video are made of tungsten, which is preferred for its density. Tungsten sinkers allow you to feel the bottom composition changes more effectively. The teardrop sinker is versatile and has a larger surface area to transmit the bottom, while the cylinder style sinker is better for going through weeds.

Setting Up the Drop Shot Rig

Setting up the drop shot rig is straightforward. Start by tying your main line to the top loop of the rig. For bluegill fishing, a 6-pound fluorocarbon leader material is being used, tied to a nano braid as the main line. Then, tie your dropper line to the bottom loop of the rig. The dropper line is where you will attach your hook and bait.

Versatility of the Drop Shot Rig

One of the great things about the drop shot rig is its versatility. You can use any type of plastic bait you prefer, such as a minnow profile, leech profile, tube, nightcrawlers, wax worms, or leeches. This allows you to adapt to the preferences of the fish and the conditions you are fishing in.

Using the Drop Shot Rig

Once your drop shot rig is set up, it’s time to start fishing. Drop your rig down to the desired depth and hold it there. The sinker will keep your bait suspended off the bottom, allowing it to be in the strike zone for longer periods. Wait for the fish to bite, and when you feel a bite, start reeling in. The drop shot rig allows for a more finesse presentation, making it an effective technique for catching big bluegills like the ones shown in the video.


Drop shot fishing is a simple yet highly effective technique for catching big bluegills, especially when they are in deeper water. The rig consists of a hook, line, and sinker, and can be easily set up even by beginners. The versatility of the drop shot rig allows you to use a variety of plastic baits, making it adaptable to different fishing conditions. So next time you’re out panfishing in the summertime, give drop shot fishing a try and see the results for yourself.

Drop Shot Rigging Panfish

During the mid summer months, panfish have a tendency to move out to deep cover and it can often be difficult to get small baits down to the fish.

That’s when you should deploy one of the easiest panfish presentations out there, the drop shot.

The drop shot is a very simple set up that starts with the hook. I like to use the VMC Spin Shot hook in a size 6 or 8 when targeting bluegills.

drop shot rigging panfish

I will attach my main like to the top of the hook and then on the bottom of the hook I will add about a foot long leader that I will attach the tungsten weight to.

This presentation allows you to get a small ‘panfish sized’ baits down to the fish. The drop shot works great paired with small plastics or live bait like nightcrawlers or leeches.

Drop shot rigging panfish is an incredibly effective presentation and it should be one of your go-to’s for mid summer bluegills and crappies.

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