jerkbaits for spring crappies

Jerkbaits for Spring Crappies

by | May 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Most anglers targeting spring crappies must tend to use small jigs, crappie minnows, and or small plastics. Over the past few years, Jeremy Smith has switched gears from small jigs to the Rapala X-Rap and has had great success throwing jerkbaits for spring crappies!

Jerkbaits for Spring Crappies

Shortly after ice out large schools of crappies begin to move towards the shallow bays and flats in anticipation of the spawn. During this time these fish are looking to feed.

Finding the right habitat is key. Shallow dark water bays with shallow bullrushes, cabbage beds, or cattail covered shorelines are good places to look. Look for shallow wood as well. Utilizing side imaging is a great way to speed up the searching process.

Once you have these fish located I will cast at them with a Rapala X-Rap in a number 4 size. It’s amazing how the fish react to this bait.

Even if the crappies are in a negative mood and are hugging the bottom, they can’t resist this small sized X-Rap.


Jerkbait for Spring Crappies X-Rap


If the school is fired up, I’ll up size to a size 6 X-Rap to really target those larger fish.

One important part of this set-up is the line. I like to use a 6 lb Sufix braid as a main line and an 8 lb Sufix Invisiline Leader.

The braid is key because it allows you to maximize the action of your bait and I like the 8 lb leader, because it is a little bit more rigid and your bait is less likely to foul up. Plus if you happen to run into a pike or large bass you are less likely to break them off.

Jerkbaits for spring crappies are a great presentation and can often out produce your standard jig and minnow combo.

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