Green Bay

Green Bay Buzz Bite Report 6-20-2021


Overall the bite in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay has been going well.

The smallmouth bass bite in sturgeon bay has been good. There is the first wave of fish coming off their beds and they can be caught in that three to ten foot range.

Remember to use fluorocarbon and make long cast when fishing for these smallmouth bass. They spook easily with this clear water. Use side imaging to locate the schools of smallmouth bass at a distance and then cast into the school.

Ned rigs, tubes, wacky worms, and swim jigs are all great options for baits to use.

The walleye fishing has been pretty good in the bay of Green Bay. Anglers have been getting fish trolling crawler harnesses or smaller crankbaits.

The best depths have been anywhere between five to maybe nine feet of water. Some fish can also been found in the deeper water of Green Bay anywhere between 24 and 30 feet of water.

Vertically presentations for those deeper water walleyes can also be very effective. Hair jigs, Jigging Raps and a jig and shiner will all produce fish.

Good luck to all the anglers out on Green Bay ad Sturgeon Bay this weekend. Good luck and be safe!

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