Lake vermilion

Lake Vermilion Buzz Bite Report 6-2-2021


Lake Vermilion is starting to heat up and so is the fishing. Depending on where you are on the lake, water temperatures are in the high fifties and low sixties. There is currently a solid crappie bite up in shallow water as these fish are spawning.

Try using small crappie tubes or crappie minnows under a float for the best results. Crappies on Lake Vermillion are doing most of their spawning in the reeds and shallow bays.

Most of the crappies are in water that is three to eight feet deep.

When targeting the spawning panfish, try to keep some of the smaller fish in that nine to eleven inch range and release some of those bigger fish to help protect the resource.

You will also find pike cruising around the panfish spawning areas.

They can be caught on a number of baits but some of the better baits have been Terminator Spinnerbaits or a number four Blue Fox Inline Spinner.

Some of the smallmouth bass population has started to spawn while others are just on the verge of spawning. Those fish can be caught with Ned rigs, drop shots, crank baits and jerk baits.

The walleye bite on Lake Vermilion has been a little tougher, as they are really on the move this time of year.

One day you will find a big school on a main lake point and the next day they are gone. You just have to stay mobile and really utilize your electronics. You don’t want to start fishing an area until you mark a few fish.

Most of the walleyes are in the fifteen to eighteen-foot depth range, generally right off that first break.

Live bait rigs or a jig and a minnow are going to be your best bait options. Pretty soon, those walleyes will be making there move towards their early summer structure.

Good luck out on Lake Vermilion!

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