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Red River Buzz Bite Report 5-3-2021


Up here on the Red River near Drayton, North Dakota we had a spring with virtual no flooding. The water level goes the river conditions are perfect.

As far as catfish fishing goes we are kind of just sitting here in neutral waiting for the water temps to increase a few degrees to really get the pre spawn run moving.

There is not a ton happening, but a few channel catfish have been caught in shallow, but it is has mainly been small males. Finding the cats has been more difficult than catching them. Once you find the school, fresh cut bait is getting the job done.

Once that water warms up a bit those bigger fish will really start feeding so that’s something to keep an eye on.

The water temperature on the Red River is currently in the high forties. With the warmer temperatures that are predicted over the next ten days the water temps should climb a few degrees which will get things rolling.

Due to the lower than normal water level conditions this spring anglers have been able to capitalize on some other species like walleyes, northern pike, and I’ve heard of a few smallmouth bass being caught.

If you guys are looking to get out and chase some of these giant channel cats the Red river has to offer, schedule a trip through my website or give me a call. Good luck out on the water.

Contact Information:

Fishing Guide: Brad Durick



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