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Favorite Tactics for Early Season Walleyes

by | May 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Favorite Tactics for Early Season Walleyes

Fishing for early season walleyes all begins with the search. Trying to find and locate these fish can sometimes be a challenge but utilizing your electronics will help you locate this springtime walleyes.

Avoid the dead water by using your Humminbird to find schools of walleye. You aren’t going to fish until you mark fish.

Once you find a decent school of fish you want to target there are a lot of different springtime tactics, but here is a few of our favorites.

The first bait of choice is just your classic jig and a minnow. Now the size of jig and type of minnow can vary from angler to angler, but it can be tough to beat a jig and minnow for those shallow water, early season walleyes.

The next choice for many anglers is Rippin Raps. Rippin Raps have becoming increasing popular across the midwest, but have perform especially well in the spring in the Great Lakes. You can work them with the straight retrieve or by casting and popping them back off the bottom.

Another great option for springtime walleyes is a jig and plastic. If you have the right conditions a jig and plastic will often out fish a jig and minnow. You can work these baits more aggressively and can really trigger strikes.


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