Incommand System

Using the InCommand System in your Yetti Fish House


Fishing guide Brad Hawthorne here and I want to talk to you about something new this year in the Yetti fish house and that’s the InCommand system.

The InCommand is a touch screen control panel located right next to the door of your fish house.

This system allows you to control everything in the Yetti fish house with the touch of a finger. It is a touch screen pad that allows you to control all the major functions in the house including lights, heat, and more.

Personally, my favorite part of about the system is the App. There is an App you can download onto your phone that connects to the system.

Why I love this app is because I can use it from my phone everywhere. As long as you have a cell signal you will be able to control your Yetti house.

Say you wanted to head out to ice fish after work, you can turn on the lights and turn up the heat on the way there using the App that way you are ready to fish once you arrive. The InCommand system offers you control of your fish house from anywhere and is just another great advantage of the Yetti fish house.

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