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Fresh Fish Tacos

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Fish tacos is a great way to make a little bit of fish go a long way and they are delicious. Avid angler and cook Jeremy Smith shares his favorite recipe for fish tacos!

Fresh Fish Tacos

Now there’s a number of ways that you can make fish tacos and I’m going to share with you how I personally like and it involves like a salsa slash slaw as well as an avocado dill sauce that’s sour cream base that i’m gonna make and then you just need your fish and some tortillas in your set so the ingredients are pretty simple and 

We’re gonna start with the slaw. I like starting with Purple Cabbage as a base because it has a nice crunch. The I will add some red onion and some Roma tomatoes.

Next add a Jalapeño pepper. You could use Serranos or a Habanero if you wanted some extra spice. Then add some lime and a little bit of fresh cilantro.

That’s it for the slaw. I would recommend not adding salt to this if you’re going to keep it for a day or two, because that salt is gonna draw the moisture out and you’re gonna lose that nice fresh crunch.

Next we will make our sauce that sour cream base. Start by adding Avocado, Dill, and a little salt and some lime.

Once that is done place it in the fridge too chill for awhile. 

 When it comes to the breading you can make your own, or you could buy a store bought breading. What I am gonna do is take the Original Shore Lunch breading and add a few spices to it.

I’m going to add a little bit of Chipotle to it. Some Cumin, which I think is a really key ingredient. Then I’ll add a little bit of garlic and some paprika.

The next step is to fry up your fish and tortillas. I will cut the fish into bite size pieces so they fit well inside the tortillas. When frying the fish I like to have a light coat of breading and fry it to a nice golden brown. Then I’ll place the tortillas in the fry for just a minute to heat them up and give them a little more flavor and crunch. 

The last step is just to put it all together and to enjoy your fresh fish taco!

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