Spinner Rigging Weeds

Spinner Rigging Walleye in Weeds (Simple Setup)

Tom Neustrom

Tom Neustrom

August 20, 2019

Some of the best untapped walleye fishing happens in the weeds because most folks wanna “mark em” and are too afraid to roll up their sleeves and tackle the green stuff. Tom Neustrom breaks down spinner rigging walleye in the weeds.

Weeds tend to scare most walleye anglers away but truth be told there is often a large number of fish that hold in and along the weeds. 

It all starts the ability to locate good weeds with your electronics and being able to determine what a “good weed” is. The weeds you want to look for are your tall broad-leafed weeds like cabbage. Once I find the weeds with my Humminbird you’ll want to see how tall they are off the bottom because that’s going to determine your speed and weight. 


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