Ice Fishing Preparation

Preparing for Ice Fishing Season (4 Simple Steps)

Chip Leer

Chip Leer

November 21, 2018

STEP ONE – Auger Prep

The first order of business is making sure your auger ready for the season. Chip Leer shares a few tips for getting the engines prepared and running for the winter ahead. Needless to say, the electric options are a little bit less “fickle” from year-to-year.

STEP TWO – House Prep

Next up, Chip breaks down everything he does to prepare his fish houses for the season, including organizing storage compartments and making sure it’s rigged up with all of the proper ice fishing essentials for he year ahead.

STEP THREE – Tackle Prep

Step number three is getting your tackle rigged up for the upcoming hardwater season. Chip shares how he organizes multiple go-to boxes for different fishing situations. You can’t bring ALL your gear with you everywhere you go, so it pays to do a little extra work ahead of time.

STEP FOUR – Line Prep

The final piece of the equation is making sure you line is up to snuff. A season on the ice can leave some serious wear-and-tear on you fishing line, so it’s important you’re testing it’s quality every year. Also important is making sure the rod, reel and line are balanced correctly for the presentation you’ll be using on that setup.

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