CRAZY Underwater Musky Follows and Strikes

by | Nov 1, 2017 | 0 comments

After several filming trips this season, Bill Lindner Photography finally hit gold in the fridged waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Last week, we shared an exciting video of muskies following a small sucker in a clear northern Minnesota lake. While we got a lot of positive feedback from the piece, we weren’t completely satisfied because the video lacked one key compontent: THE STRIKE!

This time around, we were fortunate enough to capture two savage strikes and many more follows. The Aqua-Vu HD filming rig worked to perfection and big Tonka held up to her end of the bargain. If you watch carefully, you’ll see a MASSIVE musky lurking in the background that we speculate measured well over 50 inches. This big girl shows up for a brief moment right around 0:53.


Video by Bill Lindner Photography
Music by McKeon Hugh Roberts

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