Tony Roach’s Simple Approach for Finding Walleyes Quickly

by | Feb 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Finding walleyes quickly is important when you are a fishing guide trying to keep your clients happy catching fish.  How do some of the best ice fishing guides in the region consistently stay on fish for their clients? Tony Roach’s approach is simple, but effective.

It includes staying mobile, drilling a lot of holes, and fishing fast. Walleyes can be here today, gone tomorrow, so it’s critically important that you’re following the fish around as they wander from spot to spot.

His arsenal is filled with fast-falling baits that can get down into the strike zone in a hurry. When you’re only spending 30 to 60 seconds in each hole, it’s key that you’re using a lure that can be fished efficiently. Big, heavy spoons and lipless crankbaits are choice presentations for this application.

When Tony’s checking out a new spot, he’ll Swiss cheese the area with holes throughout, then he’ll sample each hole to get a feel for how many fish are in the general vicinity. The more water you’re able to cover, the better you can read your surroundings and determine what the fish are doing.

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