Bluegill Recipe

Mr. Bluegill’s Bluegill Recipe

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Mr. Bluegill’s Bluegill Recipe

You know everyone loves fried bluegills but Mr. Bluegill, Troy Peterson, demonstrated a different bluegill recipe and a different way to prepare the tasty panfish.

To start you are going to need to catch yourself a few bluegill for dinner. You can catch bluegills in a number of ways, from a jig and plastic, too small cranks. VMC Marabou hair jigs work well or you could use the classic bobber and a worm.

However you like to fish for them you just need to get enough for dinner. Once you have your fish I will to scale them and keep the skin on. I will then lay down some tinfoil on the grill and then turn it on to around 400 degrees.

For this bluegill recipe you will need a stick of butter, 2 lemons, and lemon pepper seasoning.

While the grill is heating up take the butter and melt it. Then put a light coating on the tinfoil. After that take one of the lemons and squeeze it over the tinfoil.

Save half of the butter and the other lemon to drizzle over the fillets as they cook.

Place the bluegill fillets skin side down on the tinfoil.

Sprinkle the lemon pepper seasoning over the fillets and then based it with the remaining butter and lemon juice.

Grill it for bout 2 to 4 minutes, until the meat cooked and flaky. After cooking it is ready to be served. I like to complement it with fresh veggies. I hope you are able to take this recipe and enjoy a wonderful meal of fresh bluegills.

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