Power Shotting for Largemouth Bass

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In summer, softbaits fished along bottom may disappear within low-growing weeds. Power shooting presents baits above the weed tops where big bass can see and eat them.

On a sunny day, Dan and I decided to try a new technique for catching largemouth bass. We had our little boat on a roller trailer, ready to access these gems. We were using a modified version of a drop shot, which is often referred to as speed shotting or power shotting.

The results were amazing! We pulled in a big one right away, and it was a beautiful largemouth bass. We wanted to show what we were using to catch these beauties, so let’s take a closer look at power shotting.

What is Power Shotting?

Power shotting is a modified version of a drop shot. A weight forward system is a delivery mechanism where the weight and the pull point are in the same location, like a jig or a texas rig. A rear weighted system is where the weight is below the pull point, like a drop shot.

Over the years, many anglers have made modifications and adaptations to this rear weighted delivery system for many different species. We have caught many perch through the ice on a rear weighted system.

This particular system is a real go-to for fishing deep weeds. We have a piece of tungsten here that’s pegged and it’s just your standard texas rig about three quarters of an ounce. The thing with this particular body of water is that it’s as clear as it is, and we’ve got sand grass that grows out to about 18 feet.

The bait plunges right into those weeds, so if the fish don’t get it on the fall, the bait disappears and is out of their strike zone. This is why power shotting is so effective. The bait is always in the strike zone and always visible to the fish.


Power shotting is a great technique for catching largemouth bass. It’s a modified version of a drop shot that has been adapted for many different species. It’s a great way to keep the bait in the strike zone and make sure it’s always visible to the fish.

Dan and I had a great day out on the lake, and we caught a lot of big fish using this technique.

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