Jig Color and Weight

Jig Color and Weight


Jake Wallace and James Lindner shed some light on the importance of the jig color and weight.

Jig Color and Weight

The jig has probably accounted for more walleyes than any other bait out there. It can be fished in so many different ways in every type of habitat and structure walleyes use.

Jig weight and jig color play a huge factor when it comes to walleye fishing. Sometimes the slightest change in color or weight can be the difference between a good day and a great day on the water. 

Jig Weight

When it comes to jig weight a good rule of thumb is to use the lightest jig you can get away with without impeding the action of your presentation. 

In shallow water situations 1/16-ounce to 1/4-ounce sized jigs often work best.  Typically that’s going to be in ten feet of water or less. Once you pass the ten foot mark it often pays to use a heavier jig so it can get deeper quicker.

The weight of your jig is also going to affect the fall speed of your presentation.

The heavier the jig the faster your presentation will fall which allows the angler to work their bait in a fast and aggressive manner.

Jig Color

One question we get asked all the time is “does color matter?”. The short answer is most of the time yes it does and sometimes it can make all of the difference. 

 Choosing the right color is crucial and the body of water you are fishing should influence your color choice. Water clarity, what type of forage is present, and what type of structure you are fishing should all be factored in. 

jig color

UV glow, black, gold, and chartreuse are all great options in darker, stained waters. These colors standout and catch the attention from trigger those aggressive walleyes.

In clear water situations natural colors like perch, white, and blues tend to perform best. 

jig color and weight

As an angler, you should also factor in the color of plastic. Depending on the lake conditions and forage available matching your jig head with the plastic you choose can be imperative.

Jig color and weight absolutely play a large factor when talking about walleye fishing and choosing the right combination of the two can make all the difference.

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