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4 Musky Lure Modifications


Chances are if you’re a hardcore musky head, you probably do a lot of “tinkering” with your baits. Here’s a few quick lure modifications musky guide Doug Wegner likes to implement on his bucktails, topwaters, crankbaits and Medusas.

4 Musky Lure Modifications

The first lure modification has to do with a standard bucktail.

Depending on what type of bucktail you purchase, it may only have a single hook at the back of the bait. Now this is great if you plan on fishing in a lot of thick weed beds, but if you plan on throwing it in any other type of cover it pays to add another treble hook to the middle of the bait.

Adding a second hook is going to increase your hookup percentage and will allow you to land more muskies throughout the season.

Occasionally, I will also add a small bell sinker to my bucktail if I want the bait to run deeper in the water.

The second bait modification I like to do is to slightly bend my rubber baits.

musky lure modifications

I like to bend them until they have a slight banana curve.

By adding this curve, it changes the action of the bait and I think that can be really important, especially when you are targeting heavily pressured fish. It’s something that the fish don’t see everyday and it really can make a difference.

The third thing I like to do when it comes to lure modifications is to shave down the lip on a Rapala Super Shad.

Now this isn’t something I will do to everyone I own, but I like to take one or two from my box and modify the lip.

By changing the front lip, it changes the running depth of the bait. Normally the bait runs anywhere from five to nine feet of water, but when I change the lip the bait runs just below the surface.

The last lure modification I like to do is on your standard topwater prop bait. I like to add an extra spilt ring to the front hook. By adding the extra split ring the front treble runs into the propeller creating extra noise.

These four lure modifications are an easy way to help you put a few more muskies into the boat over the course of the year.

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