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Lake Vermilion: 8-6-2023

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Minnesota guide Jason Freed gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Lake Vermilion on August 6th, 2023.

Lake Vermilion: 8-6-2023

Overall the bite has been pretty good up on Lake Vermilion, but if you looking for walleyes you’ll have to cover some ground. Water temps are in the mid-seventies and the walleyes can be found spread out across hard to soft bottom transition areas.

Rock piles and main lake points are also holding fish. Utilize your electronics and look for active fish that are up off the bottom.

Crankbaits with lead core, jigging raps, and spinners are all working well. Perch, gold, orange have been the best colors.

The smallmouth bass fishing is really good right now. A good number of bass can be caught in six to twelve feet of water on isolated boulders. There are a few fish along the banks as well.

Tubes, drop-shots, and ned rigs have been the best presentations by far, but a few fish can also be caught on swimbaits and crankabits. Early in the morning a few fish can be caught on topwater baits as well.

Muskies can be caught up shallow on main lake points and reefs. Bucktails and topwater baits are going to be good choices this time of year.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing this weekend on Lake Vermillion!

  • Lake Vermilion guide – Jason Freed


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