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Ice Fishing Perch — Setline Search Tactics

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Chad Schilling of Oahe Wings and Walleyes talks through some setline search tactics for ice fishing perch in South Dakota.

Ice Fishing Perch — Setline Search Tactics

South Dakota is famous for producing jumbo perch that grow fast! The lakes across the prairie pothole region are incredible fertile and have the ability to produce perch exceeding 2 pounds.

Most of the lakes in this region are similar in the fact that they have very little structure. There is some weed growth, but a majority of these lakes are featureless offering little to no main lake structure.

Because there is little structure to hold the fish they often roam around across the basins and flats and can be hard to track down.

One of the best ways to cover area and locate these roaming schools of perch is to utilize setlines.

In South Dakota you are allowed four lines per person while ice fishing. This gives you the opportunity to cover a large amount of water with you set lines. If you are fishing with two other anglers you could put out nine different setlines while still being able to have a jigging setup.

It’s one of the most effective ways to cover a large area.

ice fishing perch setlines

Spread out the tip ups and setlines over a large area and monitor them as they get bite.

Once you notice a few setlines that area that is getting bite more often then the others make adjustments and move into that zone.

Not only will the set lines indicate where the fish are they will also help keep fish in the area.

If you plan on ice fishing perch in South Dakota’s prairie pothole region you need to make sure you pack your setlines. They will help you locate and catch more perch throughout the day.

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