Ice Fishing Bass

AnglingBuzz Ice Show 1: Ice Fishing Bass

by | Oct 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Come winter time most anglers tend to target other species like panfish and walleyes, but ice fishing bass is a great way to catch big fish under the ice.

AnglingBuzz Ice Show 1: Ice Fishing Bass

Bass are one of the most targeted species during the open water season and on today’s show we are going to look at some strategies and tactics for targeting both smallmouth and largemouth bass through the ice!

To begin the show, we’ll join Jeremy Smith as he shares how to use Humminbird MEGA Live imaging to find and catch shallow water largemouth bass.

Next, we join Jake Wallace and Jeremy Smith as they show you where and how to catch smallmouth bass through the ice. Afterwards we join ice tournament angler Shawn Bjonfold as he shares how he rigs his ATV for the ice fishing.

Then we will take a look at some new gear and cool gear available this winter. We also will join Jason Durham as he talks about Clam’s new flip over ice shelters.

Finally to end the show we join Mike Hehner as he offers up some tips on ice fishing bass and he shares his blacken bass recipe.

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