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Ottertail County MN Buzz Bite Report 8-4-2021

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The crappie bite continues to be good over here in Ottertail County MN over the past week.

Most of the fish are being caught slow trolling small crappie jigs and plastics. We are moving along these weedlines in about eight to eleven feet of water at around one mile per hour.

These crappies have really been tucked up along the weeds so boat control is crucial in order to put numbers of fish in the boat.

You will really want to hug the weedline.

We have also run into a good number of walleyes doing this. It seems that a lot of those eater sized fish are mixed in with the crappies.

Any patches of cabbage and coontail in twelve to fourteen feet of water is worth hitting for walleyes. Slow trolling jigs, pulling spinners with crawlers or slip bobbers will all produce fish.

You will find a lot a smaller pike mixed in along with the crappies and walleye as well. Most of those bigger pike are out deep and will stay there until water temps begin to lower.

A lot of the largemouth bass in our Ottertail County MN lakes are in the really heavy matted vegetation right now. You can still find schools along the deep weed line, but majority of those fish are in the thick stuff.

Heavy bass jigs, Tokyo rigs, and punch jigs are great options for those shallow water fish. Topwater frogs are also working well. Don’t be afraid to use big sized baits this time of year.

For those deeper weedline fish chatter baits, spinnerbaits and bass jigs have been the ticket.

The bluegills are still out on the main lake structure. Any main lake humps, rock pikes, or saddles are worth checking out for bluegills.

That’s the latest report from Ottertail County MN. If your looking to get out you can reach me through my website or phone. Good luck out on the water!


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