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Devils Lake ND Buzz Bite Report 8-8-2021

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There’s a lot of stuff happening right now on Devils Lake ND. Overall I would say that the fishing’s been pretty good but you do have to work for them.

The fish, walleyes in particular, are really spread out.

We are finding some fish deep and some still shallow.

The challenge here has been locating larger schools of big fish. You can find smaller walleyes spread out across the deepwater structure with the occasional big fish mixed in, but those larger walleyes are really spread out.

We have had a lot of flat clam days so there is currently an algae bloom on Devils Lake ND. In the past we have seen the bite pick up when algae blooms occur.

When targeting those deep fish the biggest thing is to find rocks anywhere from eighteen to thirty feet of water. That is where those walleyes are going to be. Some of our go to baits have been the Clam Tikka minnow, Rapala Jigging Raps and a jig and plastic have all produced fish. A slip bobber with a leech will also produce a few bites.

Pulling bottom bouncers and covering water is also a great way to target these fish that are spread out along there structure.

As always utilize your electronics and find those rock structures with just a few more fish on them than most.

Good luck out there on Devils Lake ND. Enjoy the warm weather and go out and catch some of the nice walleyes Devils Lake has to offer. If you are looking to get out you can reach me through my website:

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