Lake Vermilion 4-23-21

Lake Vermilion 4-23-21 Buzz Bite Report


Fishing guide Billy Rosner gives his latest buzz bite report for Lake Vermilion on 4-23-21 in anticipation for the upcoming walleye opener.

Things are shaping up to be a really good year on Lake Vermilion. We had an early ice out and water temperatures are beginning to rise. With this early spring most fish like your walleye, northern pike and bass will be moving into the shallows shortly and spawning.

We just received this year’s numbers from the Minnesota DNR and this year’s netting data was the highest numbers ever record in the thirty-seven years that Lake Vermilion has been surveyed.

Both the East side and West side of Lake Vermilion had record or near record numbers of netted walleyes this year. That is great news for the anglers planning to target walleye on Vermilion. On the East end the catch rate was 23.3/ fish per net and on the West end the catch rate was 16.0/ fish per net.

The average size of the walleye was around fourteen inches, so the eater size class of fish is really strong this year. Plus you always have the chance at a true trophy on Lake Vermilion. They netted a good number of walleyes above that twenty inch mark.

Some other great information we found out from the most recent fish survey was that the perch population is going strong. It had the highest catch rate since 2013. The perch catch rate was 34.9 / fish per net.

This is really important because perch is one of the main forage options for walleyes.

That is the latest report from Lake Vermilion 4-23-21. As always if you are looking to get out and have a great time on Vermilion, give Billy a call.

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Billy Rosner is the owner of Wild Country Guide Service, based near Norwegian Bay of Lake Vermilion.


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