Duluth/Superior Area Buzz Bite Report 4-23-21


The ice has just recently come off the lakes and rivers in the Duluth / Superior area. Most fish are starting to make their ways towards those shallow spawning areas, but they just aren’t quite there yet. Right now panfish are staging in that seven to twelve foot range just outside their spawning areas.

I would guess within the next week panfish will really make the push up into those shallow bays as the water temperatures rise. Check the north side of the lakes and bays that see the most sun as generally that is where you are going to find your warmest water.

Right now there are some great opportunities for rough fish and under-appreciated species like catfish, suckers, red horse suckers, and carp. Bottom fishing with crawlers or cut bait is gonna be your best method in targeting these species. Look for creek mouths and confluences on the St.Louis river for suckers. This time of year they will be gathered in big schools to spawn so if you can find one, you will usually find a lot and it can lead to some nonstop action.

The channel catfish should be moving out of their wintering holes and moving towards more shallow water as well.

Carp can be found in shallow water muddy bays. On those warmer days look in that two to five foot range in soft bottom bays. You can target these carp with crawlers, corn, oatmeal and other dough baits placed on the bottom.

If you are looking to get out on some of the great bites that the Duluth / Superior area and St. Louis river has to offer, just give me a call.

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