northern Minnesota

Northern Minnesota Buzz Bite Report 4-4-2021


The ice is almost off the lakes up here in Northern Minnesota and some of our smaller lakes are completely ice free. The windy last week with gust into the forties really helped break up the ice. Anglers have been getting out and targeting panfish in those same spots you were catching them late ice.

Panfish have also started to move into deep water adjacent to their spawning areas. Depending on the lake the crappies can be found in fifteen to about twenty five feet of water. These fish can be caught by using small jigs and plastics.

As the water warms up in Northern Minnesota these fish will make a push for the shallows so that is something to keep an eye on. This will happen fairly quick.

The Rainy river and four mile bay have been producing a lot of nice sturgeon and walleyes lately.

All the Rainy river accesses are open.  The water temperatures were in the low forties and high thirties depending on the area. The fish are holding tight but as the water begins too warm those fish will make a push to spawn. Northland Fireball jig heads tipped with a minnow have been producing most of the fish. Some of the better colors were gold, sunrise and bubblegum.

Because the river current hasn’t been that strong quarter ounce to half ounce have been the ticket.

Some perch are being found on the rainy river as well.

Get out fishing and enjoy this early spring!

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