Green Bay

Green Bay Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 4-5-2021


The walleye bite is going strong on the west wide of Green Bay between the Oconto and the Peshtigo rivers and some really large walleyes are being caught. We are kind of getting a mixed bag of pre spawn and post spawn walleyes. I would say it is about fifty- fifty between pre and post spawn fish at this point.

Electronics have been key when locating and catching these walleyes, especially on those claim days. Utilizing the Humminbird’s side imaging and MEGA 360 to locate these schools of walleyes and then using the trolling motor to stay on top of the roaming schools of fish.

When the wind is blowing it isn’t as big of a factor but on those claim days being quiet and using the big motor as little as possible really improves your odds and gets your bait in front of more fish.

As far as baits go it has just been you classic Green Bay staple walleye baits like the Rapala Rippin Raps in UV Green and other bright colors. A jig and a plastic has been working well too.

Making long, precise cast and then rip jigging these baits has been trigger most of our strikes.

This walleye bite will be going strong for the next few weeks so if you have the time, head on out to Green Bay and capitalize on this great fishery.

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