Flip Over vs Hub House

Flip Over vs Hub House


When you are facing tough windy weather conditions being mobile while ice fishing can be challenging, but Ty Sjodin and Jason Rylander are gonna show you how to stay mobile in different style Clam ice houses. It will be a flip over vs hub house comparison.

Now when you go to set up your hub house you will want to use your machine as a windbreak if that is possible. For example, we have a tracked Ranger that we used to get out to the spot so what we will do is we will set up the hub house right next to the machine.

I will tie one end of the hub house to the machine and then pop it up. Because we are using the machine as a windbreak I don’t have to put all the stakes in on each side. You will want to just put one in as a safety measure in case the wind was too gust.

Now when it comes to setting up a flip over shelter it is really simple. Clam flip over shelters have a rapid pole sliding system that makes set up and pick up a breeze.

When setting up a flip over shelter all you have to do is pull out the poles and flip it over and you are ready to go.

When it comes to deciding between a flip over vs hub house it really depends on what you are looking for as an angler. Are you looking for more room and the flexibility to set up the house how you would like? If so the hub house is a great option.

If you are looking for a house that has built-in storage and is very easy to tow and set up behind a machine then the flip over is a good option for you. The nice thing about both options is that you can be mobile with both options.

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