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Summers over…. We are now entering the beginning stages of what I consider the best time of the year. Fall… Musky fishing heats up, deer and bear season are just about under way, guys have already started goose hunting and a whole lot more is coming up in the near future.

Water temperatures on the river system and surrounding lakes has been in the upper 60’s but with cooler temperatures forecasted next week, we will see those numbers plummet. The good thing is that once the water temperatures start to drop, the fishing is only going to get better.

This past week has been excellent for all species with crappies and walleyes taking front and center stage. Most of the action has been by searching out and locating fish that are holding tight to submerged wood and rock. This is where our electronics have been invaluable. Using our side-imaging locators we are able to quickly cover water and not only locate specific areas, but mark exact positions. Once our spots are marked we simply follow our electronics and come right back to the exact spot we want to fish. The really nice thing about this is that we can do this without actually going directly over and disrupting the locations.

If you are after big fish, muskies have really picked up in the past week. Large bucktails, jerkbaits and glide baits have been producing well for us. A lot of the fish we are catching have been holding along shoreline structure in 3 to 5 feet of water but we have been catching a few stragglers that are out away from structure roaming the flats.

The 2017 Bear season is about to start on Wednesday September 6 th , and with that I want to wish “Good Luck” to all the hunters out there. Be safe and have a great season! This year in the northern zones, the dog hunters get to go first, so the sitters will have to wait one more week before they can try their luck.

Have a great week,

Phil Schweik
Hooksetters Guide Service
Phone: 715-693-5843

About Phil Schweik
Phil is one of the top money winners on the professional musky circuit. With over 50 top ten finishes and 20+ first place wins he has proven himself on the water over and over again. He is also the owner of Hooksetters Guide Service which keeps him on the water over 200 days a year. In addition to Phil's many days on the water he is a product specialist for several major companies in the fishing industry, and a seminar speaker at numerous sports clubs, and major sporting shows.


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