Catching River Catfish

Catching River Catfish

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River catfish can be fairly predictable to isolate and catch in rivers due to the current setting them up in very specific locations. Jim Lindner explains how he finds good spots that hold catfish and how he goes about catching them.

Catfishing is a popular sport in many parts of the United States, and Minnesota is no exception. In this video, we join expert angler [name] as he demonstrates the best way to isolate and catch catfish in a small river.

The Basics of Catfishing

When it comes to catfishing, the depth of the water is relative. In some rivers, for instance, the deeper holes are about seven to eight feet deep. This is ideal for concentrating the fish.

When fishing for catfish, it’s important to keep the bait pinned to the bottom. To do this, [name] casts out a line with two sinkers and creates a slight bow in the line. This allows him to distinguish bites more easily, as the bright color line (30-pound siege) will jump up when a fish hits it.

Catching the Catfish

“Woah, woah! Oh yeah, here we go! I like that, he just drilled it!”

Catfishing is a popular sport in Minnesota, and with the right technique, it can be a rewarding experience. As [name] demonstrates, the key to catching catfish is to keep the bait pinned to the bottom and to use a bright colored line that will jump up when a fish hits it. With the right technique, you too can catch catfish in Minnesota’s rivers.

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