Alexandria MN Fishing

Alexandria Has Something for Anglers of All Stripes


Hidden in plain sight off Interstate 94 in West Central Minnesota, the Alexandria region of Douglas County offers some exceptional bites.

With nearly 400 lakes – ranging in size from a few acres to 6,000 – anglers can’t turn around without discovering a new favorite.

Chances are you’ve heard some pretty tall tales about Lake Miltona and Osakis. Well, more than likely, those tales are true.

Lake Miltona

The largest lake in the region, Miltona, is one of those rare lakes where you can catch walleyes deep and shallow on the same day. With numerous deep, hard-bottomed humps, on the right day you can practically wear out a fish counter fishing a Jigging Rap.

By the same token, there are plenty of walleyes in and around the lake’s abundant weeds, too. Work the wind and you’re sure to win with Miltona ‘eyes.

And then there’s Miltona’s muskies! From deep-water trolling to shallow-weed fish, every year the lake kicks out some real beauties. Nearby Lobster Lake is another option if you want to fish two muskie waters in the same day.

Lake Osakis

When it comes to panfish, the name Osakis has become a term of endearment with open-water and ice anglers alike.

No matter the amount of pressure, Osakis consistently turns out monster ‘gills and slab-sized crappies. It’s the very definition of a “panfish factory.” There are walleyes, too, but they don’t get nearly the amount of attention.

Sleeper Fishing Opportunities

The real sleepers in the region are the lakes closer to the city of Alexandria itself, a quaint town with a homey district of mom & pop shops, old world charm, even a giant Viking statue.

Although anglers are sure to find quality panfish and workable walleyes and pike, the bass fishing is simply hard to beat.

Whether you’re launching a 20-foot bass boat or a fishing kayak, there’s a great dock bite for skipping Senkos or flipping jigs, lots of pads and near-shore slop fishing, and pronounced weedlines where it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

The Alexandria region has something for everyone – quality fish and plenty of action for the entire family, and clear, clean waters ideal for all types of water recreation.

Like Lake Le Homme Dieu: Spend the morning pitching a jigworm along weed edges for chunky bass and accidental walleyes, then park the boat at a dockside slip, and grab a cold beverage and pizza at Zorbaz or Bug-A-Boo Bay.

Yes, the Alexandria area is what folks must’ve had in mind when they coined the term “Lake Life”.

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