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Rigging Snowmobiles for Ice Fishing


Installing the right hardware converts snowmobiles into efficient ice fishing machines. Carry your rods, buckets, GPS, auger and more, safely and securely, ready to fish when you are.

Ice fishing in Northwest Ontario can be an incredibly fun and exciting winter activity. To cover a lot of water and maximize your fishing experience, it’s important to have a well-equipped snowmobile. In this article, I will share with you how I rig out my snowmobile to carry all the necessary tools for a successful ice fishing trip.

Storage Solutions

One of the key aspects of rigging a snowmobile for ice fishing is having ample storage space. I have found a great solution from Excel Outdoors that utilizes a two-inch receiver. This system allows me to attach various storage options to the back of my sled without the need for a tag-along trailer.

To start, I have two five-gallon buckets strapped to the back of my snowmobile. One bucket is equipped with a lid, allowing me to store gear inside, while the other bucket is used to haul fish back. This setup provides easy access to my fishing essentials and keeps my catch secure during transportation.

In addition to the buckets , I also have a large tote for storing tackle. This tote provides dry storage and protects my gear from the elements. It’s a convenient way to keep all my fishing equipment organized and easily accessible.

GPS Unit

Having a reliable GPS unit is essential for any ice fishing trip. Just like in a boat, a good GPS unit helps me navigate the frozen lakes and find the best fishing spots. I have a Helix 5 mounted on my snowmobile, equipped with the Woods Rainy Lake Master Map. This detailed map allows me to explore Lake of the Woods and other lakes in the area with confidence. Whether I’m searching for crappies, walleyes, or trout, my GPS unit helps me navigate the ice and maximize my fishing success.

Jaws of Ice

When it comes to storing and securing my auger, I rely on the Jaws of Ice system. This innovative system locks my auger in place, preventing it from bouncing around during transportation. The Jaws of Ice feature a locking mechanism that securely holds the auger in place, making it easy to attach and detach when needed. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with loose augers and ensures that my equipment stays in top condition.

PVC Rod Holders

To carry my fishing rods, I have installed PVC rod holders on my snowmobile. These holders are made from PVC pipes, which I purchased from the plumbing department at my local hardware store. By notching out slots in the PVC pipes, I can securely hold up to four fishing rods. This allows me to bring along all the rods I need for a successful ice fishing trip. Additionally, I have another PVC post for my snowmobile helmet, providing a convenient storage solution for my helmet when not in use.

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