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Minnesota Buzz Bite Report – Chris Berglund (Grand Rapids)

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The walleye fishing in the Grand Rapids area has been good lately. Dragging Lindys tipped with a crawler or a leech has still been the ticket. I’ve found these fish anywhere from 9 – 14 feet. These fish have been scattered, but when you find one, you can usually catch a few more from the same area. While dragging Lindys, adjust your speed. If you are graphing fish and they wont bite, pass over them again and slow way down. I have walked over fish at around .02 mph and it yielded fish.

Spinners tipped with a leech or crawler has also been very effective. We have been doing this on days when the wind won’t allow me to have the full boat control and speed I desire. So I let Mother Nature win and switch over to running a spinner anywhere from 1-1.5 mph. This method has been good anywhere from 6 – 14 feet of water and makes for a fun day filled with perch, northern, and even an occasional crappie mixed in.

With mayflies now showing up on some of the local lakes, be sure to check those spots out. Sometimes you will find active feeding fish gorging on those hatched mayflies. This is a great time to test out some different techniques and see what you can accomplish. Fishing in most of the area has been good and should remain the same for a few more weeks.

Get out there and have some fun, experiment on different methods, and bring the kids with! They are the future of our sport!

Tight Lines

Chris Berglund
Team Yukon Outdoors

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