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Lake Superior South Shore: 10-12-2023


Mack Peters of Slab Seeker Fishing gives his latest Buzz Bite Report on the Lake Superior South shore tributaries on October 12th, 2023.

Lake Superior South Shore: 10-12-2023

The fall run has started on the South shore of tributaries of Lake Superior. Anglers can expect to run into king and coho salmon as well as brown trout and steelhead.

Most fish have been caught out of the deeper holes, but plenty of fish are sitting in the faster runs.

There are a lot of different presentations working right now.

Beads, spawn sacs, and crawlers have all been working. As far as flies go smaller nymphs and stonefly patterns have been the best options. Streamers have produced a few fish on the faster runs.

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As the salmon run begins to die out the steelhead bite is only going to get better as more fish continue to push into the rivers. Anglers can expect to catch more and more steelhead going forward. 

Good luck to all the anglers fishing the South Shore tributaries! The fishing is only going to get better as we get later into fall!

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  • Mack Peters

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