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Twin Cities: 8-16-2023

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Minnesota guide Matt Johnson of Matt Johnson Outdoors gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Twin Cities area on August 16th, 2023.

Twin Cities: 8-16-2023

The offshore largemouth bass bite has been good in the Twin Cities area. Anglers can expect to catch numbers of nice largemouth bass on offshore structure like weed humps, rock piles, and saddles.

Depending on the lake the fish can be anywhere from seven to fifteen feet of water. There are still some bass up shallow, but it seems like the bigger fish are using the offshore structure. Look for deep weeds on these pieces of structure.

Swimbaits have been working very well but you can also catch bass flippin’ jigs, on drop-shots, Neko rigs, and on ned rigs.

twin cities largemouth bass

Walleyes can be caught during primetime late in the evening and early in the morning. The daytime bite has been very tough / almost nonexistent. A jig paired with a perch colored Largo Shad has accounted for a majority of our walleyes, but Jigging Raps are also producing fish.

Crappies can still be caught in the evenings along the weed lines in eight to eighteen feet of water. On most lakes the schools have been pretty spread out so stay on the move. Some schools can also be found in shallow basins typically between twelve and sixteen feet of water. Small jigs paired with plastics have been working great.

Anglers can expect to catch northern pike along the deep weed lines mixed in with the largemouth bass. Swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs will produce plenty of northerns.

These same bites should continue to be consistent for at least a few more weeks. Good luck to all anglers fishing the Twin Cities area this week and over the weekend!

  • Matt Johnson


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