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Rigging Your Flip Over Fish House

by | Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Fishing guide Jason Mitchell talks through how he likes to rig his flip over fish houses for mobility and functionality out on the ice.

Rigging Your Flip Over Fish House

When customizing your flip over fish house one thing you need to consider is weight. If you are towing your flip over house with a snowmobile or track machine weight isn’t and issue, but if you plan on pulling it by hand weight can really be a factor.

It’s important to think about how you plan on using the house and figure out what you need to add to help you catch more fish.

Everything you add to the house is going to add some weight and it adds up quickly so just keep it in mind.

Personally, I really like to utilize the Clam crates. Organization is key for me. I really like everything to have a place and staying organized helps me know where everything is and in return allows me to spend more time fishing.

The crates help with organization and give everything a place. I’ll put my heater and propane take in them. I will also place tackle boxes and other miscellaneous items.

Another thing I will add to all of my houses is a light bar. The light bars are nice because you can just hook up a 12volt battery and you are good to go.

I will also add a magnetic tool bar and rod holder to my houses. That way when your are fishing you have a place to set your rods and tools.

Those are the items I like to add, but Clam has a bunch of accessories you can add to customize your flip over ice house.

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