Wolf River Fremont Wisconsin

Wolf River, Fremont Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 4-27-21


It’s the spring run up on the Wolf river in Fremont Wisconsin and the walleyes and white bass are on the move.

 You will get a good mixed bag of everything right now, but the white bass run is just beginning. The water is still pretty cold so the white bass are still in those deeper wholes in the river.

 With this warmer weather projected this weekend in Fremont Wisconsin these white bass are really going to start coming up into the shallows and the bite is only going to get better as more fish begin to school up together.

A small jig and plastic or jig and a minnow is working for the white bass. Small cranks are alway producing if worked fairly slowly and close to the bottom. As the water warms up these fish will really begin to fire up.

The walleye bite is going strong and a lot of good eating sized fish are being caught. This bite will be solid for the next few weeks. Similar to the white bass this fish are being caught and jig and plastic and jig and minnows. 

Work the current seams in the river for the walleyes, that is where we have found most of our fish. Some are also being found in the deeper holes.

If you guys are looking to get out on the water reach out through my website or just give me a call. Good luck and we will catch you guys out on the water!


Contact Information:

Guide: Troy Peterson

Website: Mr. Bluegill Guide Service

Cell: 920-810-4570

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