Jigging Raps Ultra Popular

Jigging Raps through the Ice


The Rapala Jigging Rap is an absolute staple in my box and I really can’t imagine fishing on the ice without it. It is a super versatile bait. I like using Jigging Raps for crappies, walleyes, pike, and just about everything else.

There aren’t many fish that can resist the Jigging Rap.

I want to show you all of the colors the styles, and the way I fish it in the winter.

I guess the first thing to start out with is the size of bait. During the summer I usually use a size 7 or 9, but in the winter the biggest I go is often a size 5, and 90 percent of the time that’s the size ill be using.

As far as colors go for Jigging Raps I really like firetiger UV, pink tiger UV, and your blue and gold chrome.

Another thing I do during the winter is I almost always tip my treble hook with a minnow head. It really gives something the fish to key in on.

When talking about cadence one thing I think people do in the winter is work it too aggressively. I really like to slow it down.

A lot of times if I am not making fish I will give it a few big jig strokes trying to call fish in.

Once I am marking fish I often pound it on the spot and that’s when I’ve gotten most of my strikes.

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