Yetti Fish house

Yetti Fish House Modifications

by | Oct 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Brad Hawthorne offers up a few tips and tricks for setting up your Yetti Fish house for this winter season on the ice.

Yetti Fish House Modifications

I’m going to go through with you some of the little tweaks or hacks that I have in my Yetti fish house.

 When you are rigging your new wheelhouse the number one I would recommend is the Catch Cover quick disk system. I have these mounted all throughout my house.

You can mount them underneath tables and above each hole. What’s great about these Catch Cover mounts is I can put a ton of different things into them from rattle reels to rod holders and more.

 Another thing I would recommend you mount all over your fish house is hooks.

I’ve personally found hooks scattered throughout the fish house to be very useful when organizing and for keeping the house clean.

You are able to hang up different things throughout the house and it makes great use of your wall space.

Its a cheap and effective way to help keep your house organized.

Some other great adds to the ice house are a spice rack and paper towel holder, for cooking in the kitchen.

Another device I added to the kitchen area is this paper plate holder, called the pop-up plate. I mounted underneath the cabinet and it allows for the plates to be visible and easily accessible, but still out of the way and not taking up storage space in one of the cupboards.

Another space I like to utilize is behind the bathroom door. I like to put up a shoe rack on the door and then I will store miscellaneous items in there and it just gives you another storage option.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of your Yetti fish house this ice season.

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