Locating Largemouth

Locating Largemouth: Electronics Locate and Help Catch Largemouth Bass

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Locating Largemouth Bass: Electric trolling motors to anchoring systems, and onscreen mapping to imaging and sonar, modern electronics help you find big bass fast and maximize angling success.

In competitive bass angling, efficiency is the name of the game. Those who cast most and best usually finish at the top of the competition, because maximizing your lures time in the fish zone often equates to fishing success. Enhanced efficiency comes in more ways than casting agility and accuracy, however. Today, astute bass anglers take advantage of every edge their electronics provide as well.

GPS Mapping and Navigation

GPS mapping and navigation, side and down imaging, and enhanced computer wizardry have elevated the electronic connection to bass to a high-tech, high-stakes contest of will and excel. An advanced technical application and no house not a bad one a bad way not a bad one.

Bass Fishing in Good Shape

Bass fishing is in really, really good shape all over the country. Lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are all being managed correctly, and anglers have more aids and options than ever before to help them find and catch more big fish.

Mid-Summer Bass

In mid-summer, bass can be in a variety of locations from the slot that are driving and even beyond. Today’s electronics help anglers weed out these bass. With the Minn Kota Talon, you can anchor with the touch of a button — it’s really slick.

The iPilot allows anglers to follow a depth contour, record a path, and repeat the same run in an instant. Once you get to your spot, there’s a variety of ways to analyze the structure, such as sonar, down imaging, and side imaging.


All of these tools allow anglers to be way more efficient with their time and way more accurate with their presentation. The whole fiction is a lot like the real estate business: first and foremost, it’s about location, location, location. Then everything else happens after that.

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